Oil lamps, candles and wax products.

More than 20 years manufacturing wax products.

Productos Angel Moya S.L.U. selects the best raw materials and carries out strong quality supervisions all throughout the production process. The products we commercialize are manufactured in a traditional way.

In addition to the products which are shown in our catalogue, we are also able to make candles or other wax products of any size.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, contact for further information (by telephone or via e-mail). You can also get information from the online catalogue in our webpage.

Since we manufacture ourselves all our products, we can supply you with “Taylor-made” candles which fit in your uses and specific needs.

Last news...
new line of packaging for our “oil lamps”
We have recently created a new line of packaging for our “oil lamps”. This design, specially developed to commercialize oil candles in spas, relax and yoga centres or restaurants, contains 50 small boxes (with 15 oil lamps in each box). “Oil lamps” are increasingly becoming widespread since it is not difficult to use them. You just need oil and a bowl! First, pour some oil into the bowl. Then, put the lamp floating over the oil and light it. When the bowl runs out of oil the flame will go out. Please, contact us for further information.
If you want more information,
please contact with us.

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